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Past Paper Winners and MFP Recipients

2018 Undergraduate Student Paper Competition Winners

First Place: Lydia Ballantine, Colorado College
Paper Title: "LGBTQ Youth Homelessness: An Examination of Upstream Factors"

Second Place: Jenny Enos, Gettysburg College
Paper Title: "An Exceptional Racism: How Swedes Talk about Ethnoracial Difference" 

Third Place: Sara Smyth, Purchase College
Paper Title: “Subway Etiquette: “Courtesy Counts"

2018 Graduate Student Paper Competition Winners

First Place: Lin Lui, University of Delaware
Paper Title: “Intersectional Approach to Top Executive White-Collar Offenders' Discourses: A Case Study of the Martha Stewart and Sam Waksal Insider Trading Scandal” 

Second Place: Cynthia Michelle Williams, Florida State University
Paper Title: “Scientific Controversies and Expertise in the News: An International Comparison”

Third Place: Maria D. Valdovinos, George Mason University 
Paper Title: “Recognition and Integration of the ‘Subaltern’ Experience of Returning Citizens into Criminal Justice Reform Efforts”

2017 Undergraduate Student Paper Competition Winners

First Place: Nicole Hansen, Colorado College
Paper Title: 
"Sexual Assault as a ‘Social Fact’ A Cross-Campus Analysis"

Second Place: Casey Sculler, 
Colorado College
Paper Title: "Haute Couture, Baggy Jeans, and L’homme Virile: Hegemonic Masculinity in French and U.S. Men’s Magazine Advertisements" 

Third Place: Irene Snyder, Elizabethtown College
Paper Title: “When Two Worlds Collide: The Effects of Sex, Family Structure, and Job Characteristics on Work-Family Spillover"

2017 Graduate Student Paper Competition Winners

First Place: Megan Carroll, University of Southern California
Paper Title: “Managing Without Moms: Gay Fathers, Incidental Activism, and the Politics of Parental Gender” 

Second Place: Kai Lin, University of Delaware
Paper Title: “The Rule of Law and the Socio-Political Functions of Law in Contemporary China”

Third Place: 
Kelly Markowski, Kent State University 
Paper Title:
 “Individual Change to Social Change: How Identity Processes Foster Success in the Vegan Identity”

2016 Undergraduate Student Paper Competition Winners

First Place: Guillermo Alvarado, Southwestern University
Paper Title: "'That Gay Gansta Shit': Identity Construction and Community Membership in Queer Rappers’ Musical Careers"

Second Place: Alina Drufovka, Colorado College
Paper Title: "Inequality in the Information Age: From the Digital Divide to the Usage Divide" 

Third Place: Jeong Hyun Oh, Cornell University 
Paper Title: "You Win or You Die: The Effect of Limited Resource on Child Mortality"

2016 Graduate Student Paper Competition Winners

First Place: Penn Pantumsinchai, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Paper Title:
 “​Conflicting desires and prosumer control: A case study of an online fansubbing community” 

Second Place: Nathalie Rita, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Paper Title: “​Migrating to “Paradise”: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Letters to the Editor”

Third Place: Maria D. Valdovinos, George Mason University 
Paper Title: “’Tiny Publics’ and the Extension of the Sociological Imagination to Systems: The Case of Criminal Justice”

2015 Undergraduate Student Paper Competition Winners

First Place: 
Yun Cha, Vanderbilt University
Paper Title"College as an Investment: The Impact of Financial Aid Grants on College Majors and Stratification in Higher Education"

Second Place: Joshua Stout, University of Denver
Paper Title: "Sandy Hook and the Media: The Dissemination of Collective Sentiments Through Concentric Mourning"

Third Place: Rebekah Howland, Wheaton College
Paper Title: Logging On, Getting Off: An Exploratory Study on the Motivations and Conversations of Women Who View Pornography"

2015 Graduate Student Paper Competition Winners

First Place:
 Daniel Auguste, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Paper Title: "Welfare State, Globalization and Income Inequality: Evidence from 23 Industrial Countries, 1990-2009"

Second Place: Kendra Bopp, Cleveland State University
Paper Title: "The Control of Women through Corrective Rape as a Global Social Construct"

Third Place: Amanda Draft, Wayne State University
Paper Title:
 "Sizing Up Skaters: An Interrogation of Body Discourses in Women's Flat Track Roller Derby"

2014 Undergraduate Paper Competition Winners

First Place: Brianna Billingsley, Southwestern University
Paper Title: "'Literally, My Money Comes From How Happy I Make Them': The Positive and Negative Consequences of Emotional Labor Among Restaurant Servers"

Second Place: April Hearne, Colorado College
Paper Title: "My Mom's Wife: Children and Their Paid Careworkers"

Third Place: Mara Aussendorf, Macalester College
Paper Title: “The Birdhouse and the Bee Hive: Parents’ Navigation of Successful Sexual Socialization"

2014 Graduate Student Paper Competition Winners

First Place: Katie Kerstetter, George Mason University
Paper Title: "Care Work and Teacher Retention at an Urban Charter School" Second Place: Nichole Weber, New Mexico State University
Paper Title: "Representations of Global Climate Change in Broadcast Media: A Critical Discourse Analysis" Third Place: R.C. Morris, Purdue University
Paper Title: "Mitigating the Effects of Parental Incarceration through Social Intervention"
2013 Undergraduate Students

First Place: Madeline Frost, Colorado College
Paper Title: "Speaking of Women: Gendered Language and Discursive Struggle in Domestic Violence Work"

Second Place:
Megan Robinson, Southwestern University
Paper Title: "I’m Feeding the World Tonight: The Impact of Moral Identity Standards on Mobile Loaves and Fishes Homeless Outreach Ministry"

Third Place:
IndiAna Gowland, Macalester College
Paper Title: “No Boys/Girls Allowed: How Public Schools Respond to Uncertainty in Single-Gender Education"

2013 Graduate Students

First Place:
Marci Cottingham, University of Akron
Paper Title: "Learning to “Deal” and “De-Escalate”: How Men in Nursing Manage Self and Patient Emotions"

Second Place: Deadric Williams, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Paper Title: "The Manifestation of Depression in Families: A Dyadic, Longitudinal Structural Equation Modeling Approach"

Third Place: Susan Hughes, New Mexico State University
Paper Title: "Does Family Capital Reproduce Social Class Inequalities? A Closer Look at Bonding Social Capital and Embodied Cultural Capital"

2012 Undergraduate Students

First Place:
Jeremy Carp, Macalester College
Paper Title: "Fermented Origins: The Emergence of State-Level Alcoholic Beverage Regulation in the Post-Prohibition Era, 1933-1935"

Second Place: Diego Mello, Macalester College
Paper Title:"Toward a Theory of Peripheral Welfare Development: Social Policy Legislation in Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela"

Third Place: Jared Perkins, Abilene Christian University
Paper Title: "Congregations in Community: The Effect of Location on the Social Welfare Outreach of American Congregations"

2012 Graduate Students

First Place: Alex Thompson, University of Colorado at Boulder
Paper Title: ""Sometimes, I Think I Might Say Too Much": Dark Secrets and the Performance of Inflammatory Bowel Disease"

Second Place: Michael Gaddis, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Paper Title: "Discrimination in the Credential Society: An Audit Study of Race and College Selectivity in the Labor Market"

Third Place: Daniel Grey, New Mexico State University
Paper Title: "Identity, Invisibility, and the Legacy of Trauma: Shaping the Narrative of the Contemporary American Indian/Alaska Native Experience"

2011 Undergraduate Students

First Place: Emily Christie, Macalaster College
Paper Title: ""Declaraciones de Deseo y Declaraciones de Realidad": State-Indigenous Relations and Intercultural-Bilingual Education in Peru and Guatemala"

Second Place: Evelyn Daugherty, Macalester College
Paper Title: "Language in the Name of National Security: The Transformation of Arabic Language Instruction in the U.S. Institutions of Higher Education"

Third Place: Toni Nietfeld, Southwestern University
Paper Title: "Welcome to Hell: The Role of Framing and Recruitment in Saving Souls"

2011 Graduate Students
First Place: Yok-Fong Paat, University of Oklahoma
Paper Title: "Family and Community Determinants of Mexican Children's Scholastic Performance"

Second Place: Elaina Behounek, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
Paper Title: ""No Help for the Weary": An Ethnographic Examination of Factors Impacting Burnout in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Advocates"

Third Place: Morgan Roddy, Ball State University
Paper Title: "Alternative Food Sources and Community Health: Farmers' Markets, Community Supported Agriculture, Community Gardens and Community Food Security"
2010 Undergraduate Winners

First Place:
Kimberly Lewis, Denison University
Paper Title: "Gender Design and Performance in World of Warcraft"

Second Place: Laura Rogers, James Madison University
Paper Title: "Helping Them Help Themselves: Contradictions Between Volunteers' Moral Identities and Reproduction of Class Boundaries"

Third Place: Joshua Cook, University of Notre Dame
Paper Title:
"A Culture of Silence: Social Norms of Rape Reporting"

2010 Graduate Winners

First Place:
Daniel Poole, University of Utah
Paper Title: "Indirect Health Consequences of War: Cardiovascular Disease"

Second Place: Adrienne Brune, University of Oklahoma
Paper Title: "Mothering from Behind Bars: The Experience and Needs of Incarcerated Mothers in Oklahoma"

Third Place: Sarah Samblanet, Kent State University
Paper Title: "Status Inconsistency Among Married Couples: How Status Inconsistency Impacts Perceptions of marital Quality, Global Happiness, and Mental Health"

Undergraduate Winners

First Place:
Anna Wool, Colorado College
Paper Title: "Like Water off a Duck: Stigma and the Jewish Assessment of Christian Public Religious Displays in an Alabama City"

Second Place:
Julia Hudson, Creighton University
Paper Title:
"On the Possibility of an Empirical World"

Third Place:
Nicole Powell, Southwestern University
Paper Title:
"Little Gay Gandhi's: Providing a Safe Space and Empowering Sexual Minorities"

2009 Graduate Winner

First Place:
Justin Berg, Washington State University
Paper Title: "Opposition to Unauthorized Immigration: Estimating the Effect of Race, Gender, and Class"



2017-2018 Salvador Rangel, University of California - Santa Barbara
2016-2017 Yader Lanuza, University of California Irvine
2015-2016 Nnenia Campbell, University of Colorado at Boulder
2014-2015 Jackelyn Hwang, Harvard University
2013-2014 Matthew Town, Portland State University
2012-2013 Brandi Gilbert, University of Colorado at Boulder
2011-2012 Sean Aravasirikul, University of California - San Fransisco
2010-2011 Eugenia Conde, Texas A&M University
2009-2010 Mosi Ifatunji, University at Illinois - Chicago
2008-2009 Louis Esparza, SUNY Stony Brook
2007-2008 Demetrius Semien, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Amanda Armenta, University of California - Los Angeles
David Embrick, Texas A&M University