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Paper Competition and MFP Winners

:2018 Paper Competition Winners

Undergraduate Student Paper Competition Winners

First Place: Lydia Ballantine, Colorado College
Paper Title:
"LGBTQ Youth Homelessness: An Examination of Upstream Factors"

Second Place: Jenny Enos,
Gettysburg College
Paper Title: "An Exceptional Racism: How Swedes Talk about Ethnoracial Difference

Third Place: Sara Smyth, Purchase College
Paper Title: “Subway Etiquette: “Courtesy Counts"

Graduate Student Paper Competition Winners

First Place: Lin Lui, University of Delaware
Paper Title: “Intersectional Approach to Top Executive White-Collar Offenders' Discourses: A Case Study of the Martha Stewart and Sam Waksal Insider Trading Scandal” 

Second Place: Cynthia Michelle Williams, Florida State University
Paper Title: “Scientific Controversies and Expertise in the News: An International Comparison”

Third Place: Maria D. Valdovinos, George Mason
Paper Title:
Recognition and Integration of the ‘Subaltern’ Experience of Returning Citizens into Criminal Justice Reform Efforts”


Congratulations to:
Salvador Rangel

Salvador Rangel came to the United States as an undocumented immigrant at the age of 10. After various years working in “unskilled” sectors, he made his way into higher education, first taking the GED and then attending community college. Salvador received his BA at Eastern Kentucky University and his MA at the University of Kentucky, both in sociology. He is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of California-Santa Barbara. His previous hands-on experience working in the manufacturing and construction industries informs his current research. His dissertation, “La Jungla: Globalization, Transnational Migrant Labor, and the Meatpacking Industry,” combines ethnographic methodology with macro-level analysis using Burawoy’s global ethnographic approach. In it, he analyzes changes in labor, migration and race under global capitalism. His teaching and research interests include global political economy, globalization, immigration, class, labor, race, the legal system and the construction of migrant illegality. He has served as an editorial assistant as well as a translator for a bilingual academic journal. Outside the academy, Salvador strives to engage in public sociology by publishing analytical pieces in mass media outlets that make his research accessible to a broader public.