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AKD Teaching and Learning Event at a Regional Conference

Support to Attend the
Spring 2014
Teaching and Learning Event at a Regional Conference

2014 AKD Symposium and Location:
Southern Sociological Society (SSS) Conference
Charlotte, NC | April 5, 2014

To apply for the Alpha Kappa Delta Fellowship, download the correct application:
(be sure to read the rules and regulations)

Deadline has passed - check back later for 2015 events

Rules and Regulations


Join colleagues interested in teaching pedagogy, practical application, and the scholarship of teaching and learning from a variety of academic settings in a half-day workshop designed to expose the inner workings of course design, student engagement, meaningful learning, and effective assessment.  Participants will craft a unique workshop experience from a selection of roundtable discussions best suited to their individual interests and needs.  Roundtable topics include, but are not limited to, backward design, community based learning, assessment tools beyond the exam, and working with technology in the classroom.  Time will be allocated for networking with colleagues interested in sharing ideas, gaining support, and building collaboration, so participants are encouraged to bring business cards to share.  The workshop will conclude with a session on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

This workshop will benefit those working within a range of settings, including instructors from community colleges and small liberal arts institutions, as well as early career faculty and graduate students.

Each event is intended to advance the quality of teaching in the discipline of sociology.

All sociologists are encouraged to apply for the AKD Fellowship. It is part of AKD’s purpose and mission to serve segments of the sociology community that are currently under-served.  To that end, the  selection committee will consider institutional affiliation at community colleges, HBCU’s, HIS’s, and tribal colleges as a positive factor when assessing applications for the AKD fellowships.

Alpha Kappa Delta will provide up to $500 to five recipients for each event to cover travel expenses, including hotel stay, meals, registration, and other expenses.


Deadlines passed - check back later for 2015 events

Please submit your completed application in Word or PDF format as an email attachment to

Final selections will be made after the deadline and everyone will be notified of the committee's selection shortly after that date.

Award winners are to submit the following:
  • A typed report detailing your activities and describing the benefit you received from attending the event. We will be using this report to measure the effectiveness of this program. Please note, we will be contacting you once a year (for no more than 5 years) to assess the longer-term benefit of the program.
  • Copies of receipts for travel expenses to justify the amount
    • These receipts may include meals, airfare, hotel, and registration
    • If traveling by automobile and requesting reimbursement for mileage, please include a map (such as Google Maps) from start to end listing total mileage
      • Check the IRS webpage for current mileage rate
  • Completed travel voucher (attached with acceptance letter)

Funding is contingent on attending the event in full. Attendance is required. The Executive Office will confirm attendance of each award winner.

When documentation is received in the Executive Office, a check will be cut. Please allow up to 4 weeks for the check to be cut and arrive. No funds will be paid without complete documentation. Completed vouchers must be received in the Executive Office no more than 30 days after the travel date.


1.   REIMBURSEMENT CHECK: Alpha Kappa Delta will write a check to the recipient.

    2.   ALCOHOL: Alpha Kappa Delta will not reimburse for any alcohol charges.

    3.   ITEMIZED RECEIPTS: When submitting any meal receipts, please be sure to use itemized receipts. We will not reimburse for any meal receipts that are not itemized.

    4.   TIPPING: Alpha Kappa Delta will reimburse no more than 20% for a tip at a restaurant.

    Please direct questions about the AKD Fellowships to the AKD Executive Office at

    2104 AKD Fellows at ESS
    Left to Right: Lawrence Johnson, Emanuel Boussios, Heather Bremenstuhl, Curtis Hosier